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This site is overdue for a bit of updating. I hope the information here is helpful to you as you consider your Thailand adoption. If you are not already a member of the Thailand adopt yahoo forum, I recommend you join. The majority of the forum participants are persuing their Thailand adoption through an agency outside of Thailand. I assume if you are viewing this site, your goal is to adopt a Thai child while living and working in Thailand.

There have been recent changes to the US visa process for US citizens living in Thailand. As of September 25, 2008, the old I-600 form to Classify an Orphan as an Immediate Relative will no longer be accepted by Homeland Security. The new I-800 form must be used and it is my understanding that this document must be filed and processes stateside, not in Bangkok. Contact the US Homeland Security in Bangkok for more information.

You may have questions swirling around in your head. Is it possible to adopt while living in Thailand? Is it a difficult process? How long will it take? I can't speak Thai very well, so how can I do it myself? Four years ago, we had all of the same questions. We did not know how to begin the adoption process in Thailand. It seemed like a long road to travel with many obstacles to overcome. However, WE DID IT! Now we are in the middle of our second adoption application for Thailand.

You CAN adopt while living in Thailand, too. If you are considering international adoption, come in and learn about Thailand. There are many Thai children in need of a loving family. The process can be long, but your effort will be rewarded. Whether you are just beginning to gather documents for your first adoption or you are well along your way, we are here to help you with your journey.

Much of the information presented here is most applicable for prospective adoptive parents who are living in Thailand. However, some of the information is useful for all prospective adoptive parents and persons outside of Thailand may find it to be a useful tool for understanding the Thailand adoption process.

The idea for this site started while we were going through the adoption of our first Thai child. In the process (and helping many other adoptive parents along the way) we accumulated so much information that we wanted to share it with you. So sit back and enjoy Our Thailand Adoption Site. There is alot of information you can use or pass along to a friend.

Is Adoption Right For Me?

The benefits of adoption are great, for the parents and the child.However, adoption is not for everyone.

Domestic or International Adoption

Adoption is right for your family. Will you choose to apply for adoption in your home country or look overseas?

General Thailand Adoption Information

Here you will find basic information about adoption in Thailand. This is useful whether you live in Thailand or reside in your home country.

Beginning the Adoption Process

This page is mainly for expatriots who want to adopt while living in Thailand. It shows a guideline for getting started with the adoption process.

Preparing the Adoption Application

The Thailand Adoption Application is not a big document, but this page will help you understand some of the supporting documents which must be submitted with the application.

Preparing Other Necessary Thailand Adoption Documents

There some additional documents which are required for the Thailand Adoption Application which are not listed on the application itself.

Finishing the Thailand Adoption Process

Once your Thailand Adoption Application has been submitted, it is time to wait for the Child Adoption Center to bring the process to completion.

Caring For Your Thai Child

Your adopted son or daughter has a different life experience than yourself. Be patient as they adjust to life in a new environment.

U.S. Immigrant Visa Information

Once the adoption is completed according to Thai law, you can apply for an immigrant visa for your child. Don't apply for the visa until you have your travel dates set. The visa expires in three months from the date of issue.

The Thailand Adoption Process with Assistance from an Adoption Agency

Most prospective adoptive parents living outside of Thailand will need the assistance of an approved adoption agency.

Re-Adopting In The US

After your child's adoption is finalized in Thailand, you may need to re-adopt in your home state.

The Culture Of Thailand

Thailand is a unique culture. Although there is much influence from western countries, Thai culture is based on traditions from ancient times.

The Language Of Thailand

The Thai language is just as unique as its culture. For excellent resources on learning to speak basic to advanced Thai, check out this page!

Travel To Thailand

Whether you already live here or you are planning your first trip, there are so many interesting sights to see and places to visit. For help with your travel plans, visit this page.

About Us

We are Duane & Lonna Zimmerman, currently living in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

In January 2004, we decided to pursue adoption of a Thai orphan. We sent an application to the DSDW in Bangkok. We were matched with an orphan boy, Kitithat, who came to live with us in Chiang Mai in September 2005. These past two years have been exciting as we watch Luke Prasit (formerly Kitithat) grow into an energetic toddler. His adoption was finalized in the USA in August 2007.

Duane now volunteers with Family Connection Foundation which is funded by a local international church in Chiang Mai. Family Connection currently has two homes for orphaned children. In addition to the children’s homes, they teach English and provide scholarships for inner city children to attend private schools.

Lonna volunteers with World Concern to assist foreign volunteers who come to live in Southeast Asia.

Noah, 17, and Elizabeth, 14, are students at Chiang Mai International School and enjoy having a younger brother. Luke, 3 years old, attends a bi-lingual pre-school (2 days/week) where he is learning to speak Thai and interact with other children his own age.

Our family is quite diverse having teenagers and toddlers. We are proud of our teenagers and the way that they care for Luke and help around the house. And, we feel honored to have Luke as a member of our family. He is loved by his family here in Thailand and those in the United States.

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